ACT public schools are non-selective. Hughes Primary School gives priorirty to enrolment of children living in our Priority Enrolment Area (PEA). If our school has the capacity after accepting students from our PEA, we may offer enrolment to students who live outside our PEA. Many parents have made Hughes Primary their school of choice.

Enrolments are made at Hughes Primary School and are based on the ACT Education Directorate's Priority Area Policy.

All new students on enrolment must show proof of their residency status.

Enrolment ages:

For Permanent residents the required proof may be:

All temporary residents must produce the Visa on which they have been granted entry to Australia. Permission to enrol temporary residents is determined by the Department of Education's International Education Unit and in some cases tuition fees are required.

Enrolling/Transferring - ACT Public Schools

Visit the Education website at www.education.act.gov.au for more information and to enrol using the online enrolment form

Parents/carers are welcome to apply to enrol/transfer their child at any time during the school year using an online application form. Full details are available from the Education website.