Hughes Primary School Preschool

  • At Hughes Preschool we aim to enable children to become independent learners who value learning with, and from, others. Helping them develop a positive attitude to education through providing children time to reflect, practice and learn with an understanding that mistakes are fine and part of the learning process. We encourage children to develop a positive attitude towards themselves and others, with a strong sense of wellbeing.
  • We will provide a high-quality, extensive and challenging curriculum based on learning through play using the Early Years Learning Framework. We extend children’s personal interests and stage of development, encouraging them to reach their true potential in all areas of learning. We encourage them to become explorers, investigators and discoverers as they are the protagonists in their learning. Combining the security, happiness, comfort and care which children could expect to experience at home with the stimulation, learning and social awareness of a school setting, we use a range of pedagogical strategies to extend and reflect upon our understanding of how children learn.
  • We will provide a happy, safe and stimulating environment where children, parents, carers and visitors feel welcomed and valued as members of the school community. Through inviting parents and carers to work in partnership with us, we value how they assist their children to develop their enthusiasm for learning and celebrating their achievements. We embrace respect for diversity in our learning community and acknowledge the traditional owners, past, present and in the future for their invaluable contribution to our school community.
  • We value a culture of collaboration with families, carers and the community. Through observing and learning from what children say and do, we endeavour to build secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships with all members of the community. This is vital for creating a shared dialogue and learning from one another and engaging in ongoing learning and reflective practice for the children and staff.