School Vision

School Profile

Hughes Primary School (HPS) is a dynamic and high energy learning environment that celebrates diversity, inclusion and wellbeing. At Hughes, the curriculum is rigorous and there are high expectations regarding meeting the needs of individual learners. HPS has mainstream classes from Preschool to Year 6. The school hosts the Southside Primary Introductory English Centre (SPIEC), and a Learning Support Unit-Autism (LSUA).


Hughes Primary school is synonymous with a holistic approach to education. This is achieved by an innovative and connected community of learners, who work collaboratively to support, challenge and inspire each child to achieve their personal potential.


To achieve student success by providing an inclusive, caring and supportive culturally diverse and academically challenging learning environment.


Be Kind and Try Your Best

Values help to build positive relationships with peers, teachers and parents within the classrooms and the wider community. When students feel wanted, protected, encouraged and stimulated in the school environment, they will want to come to school and will learn effectively.

Hughes Primary School teaches our core values in conjunction with the school expectations.


Hughes Primary School’s expectations are

Through explicit instruction, students gain a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the behaviours expected from them. This provides a framework for student decision making and subsequent actions.


At Hughes Primary School our teachers work collaboratively, use data to find out what their students know and what they need to know, challenge and set high expectations of their students and themselves, employ evidence-based practices, monitor and evaluate learning, engage with parents/carers and strive to improve student outcomes across all aspects of the curriculum.

Australian Curriculum implementation at Hughes Primary

To achieve student success by providing an inclusive, caring and supportive, culturally diverse and academically challenging learning environment evidenced through the full implementation of the Australian Curriculum.

Staff have undertaken a series of Professional Development over the past five years to ensure that the Australian Curriculum is implemented an taught using a differentiated and integrated approach. Hughes Primary School is dedicated to continuing this journey.

More information about the process that guides our school's implementation of the Australian Curriculum can be found here inforgraphic shown below.

Organsation of Australian Curriculum content

Subject structure
Each subject area contains the following sections:

General Capabilities:
Key skills, behaviours and dispositions developed within all subject areas.

Cross Curriculum Priorities:
Areas embedded within all core learning and inquiry-based units at Hughes Primary.