eSafety at Hughes Primary

Our view for student-learning with technology must actively support our student to engage in a world as knowledgeable digital citizens. Digital citizenship is the concept of using technology responsibility to access learning.

As our students spend more time online, it is vital to understand how to stay safe online. This emphasis is central to the development of all classroom technology learning opportunities. Lessons specifically targeted to explore the rights, responsibilities and decision-making strategies needed by our students to use technologies safely.

As students move throughout primary school, the focus continues to include the knowledge, understanding and skills outlined Australian Curriculum: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability across its continuum of learning.

Online Safety Programme | Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner

As appropriate, students will access opportunitis to participate in regular webinars organised by the eSafety Commissioner ( The Office of the Chidrens' eSafety Commissioner provided information and resources to parents, teachers and students about keeping safe online and steps that everyone can take to leave a positive digital footprint. Recent webinars that students have participated in have focussed on include:

These webinars involve students listening to a streamed online presentation by an e-Safety commission representative. Students participate in class discussions and question and answer sessions which are led by the presenter. All webinars are presented to multiple schools concurrently and students are encouraged to interact with their peers. Following the webinar, classroom teachers facilitate further discussions to ensure that students have the greatest opportunities to explore the topics in a safe and supportive environment.

In-person Safety Programme | ThinkUKnow: ACT Policing

As part of BYOC programme, students in Years 5-6 participate in the ThinkUKnow cyber safety program led by ACT Policing. Its aim is to educate and raise awareness amongst parents, teachers and carers about how young people are using technology, and how to help them overcome the challenges they may face online in a safe and ethical way. The sessions on offer at Hughes Primary are targeted specifically at this age group and have provided a basis for students safely interacting in online environments.

To find out more about the ThinkUKnow program, visit the ThinkUKnow website. You may also choose to "follow ThinkUKnow" on Twitter or "Like" the ThinkUKnow Facebook page.

As part of the ThinkUKnow website, a number of useful factsheets for students are available to download including: