Parents and Citizens

Parents and Citizens Association

The Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) gives parents the opportunity to contribute to their children's schooling and assist the school through fundraising efforts to provide additional resources. The P&C co-ordinates many enjoyable activities that help build community spirit, such as, Community Fun Afternoons, Special Lunches and the annual disco.

In the last few years, the P&C has funded things, such as, evaporative cooling for the school, a bank of digital cameras, new home readers, the Fairy Garden and the Race Track. New parents, carers (and grandparents!) are always welcome and parents can choose which aspects to get involved in, as time and interest allows!

Please refer to the school's newsletter for meeting times.

Community Involvement

Hughes Primary School engages with the local community by making its facilities available to the community. Please contact our school front office staff directly, or via email, to further assist you to become involved with supporting programmes on offer that broaden your child's experience at Hughes Primary School.