Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Building STEM Skills and Habits for Success

STEM at Hughes Primary is drawn from the disciplines of Science (S), Technology (T), Engineering (E) and Mathematics (M). STEM integrative unit of work allow teachers at Hughes to refine the use of technology to deliver curriculum activities to our students.

Technologies | Extension Programme

Lunchtime Coding Club

Our lunchtime coding club aims to enhance student engagement in STEM by developing practical, hands-on learning and teaching programmes and resources that allow students to integrate their own knowledge from STEM subject areas.

Students using a Makey Makey to develop a piano keyboard | Before-school Coding Club

Sample STEM activities and units of work

At Hughes, we recognise the importance for developing key skills and understanding developed by students through working scientifically, technologically, creatively and mathematically.

The following STEM resource clearly demonstrates how we effectively integrate these learning processes, as part of our classroom integrated units of inquiry and specialist technology lessons.

View sample STEM unit of work | Year 6 Technologies

At the core of this learning opportunity is our students actively engagement with their local community to provide a real-world context with learning. Students are encouraged to make connections between content taught in class, alongside expert knowledge offered by community organisations, such as the Ian Potter Foundation Technology Learning Centre