Travelling to School

New Bus Network from 2019

All schools will be serviced under the new network through both regular services and dedicated school bus services with more bus services past schools. Parents, students and schools asked for more comprehensive information about these new services to schools so the 2019 school-by-school information detailing the new network services that will get school children to and from school safely and before bell times have been published. School map and route information for your school can be found at:

Parents have also asked for more help and supervision when navigating through interchanges and when changing buses. As a result of this feedback, the ACT Government through Transport Canberra will be recruiting new Customer Service Officers to help school children become familiar with using bus interchanges and provide a better overall journey across the network from 2019. Specialist schools liaison will be employed to ensure upcoming bus services continue to meet the needs of schools and student bus users.

School timetable information will be released in late-2018.

Safe school travel

There are a variety of transport options for children to commute to and from our school. Walking or riding is the preferred option, as it helps to reduce congestion, increase safety and ensures children arrive invigorated and ready to learn.

The Transport Canberra website has a dedicated section for schools, which highlights some of the transport options available in the ACT. The site includes a range of resources and information about the initiatives being delivered to support active travel and traffic management around schools, including:

  • Active travel toolkit
  • Active Streets for Schools program
  • Part way drop off and collection points
  • Pick up and set down guidelines
  • Ride or Walk to School program
  • School Crossing Supervisor program
  • Traffic management around schools

Encouraging children to walk or ride to school is one of the most time efficient ways for children to receive the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity every day. If you need to drive, please drive safely around the school and obey the road rules at all times.

Canberra Light Rail

Canberra's Light Rail will change the way people can travel in the north of the city. Many children and young people will find themselves walking, cycling near the light rail line or travelling as a passenger. There are some safety aspects that we all need to be aware of as a result of the installation and movement of light rail vehicles. Children walking, cycling or travelling on the light rail will have new sights and sounds to be aware of. Parents and Carers should talk with children about taking care around the light rail tracks and vehicles.

Some of the changes include installation of light rail track along Flemington Road, Federal Highway and Northbourne Avenue. Also, the installation of the overhead electric wire that will power the Light Rail Vehicles and is currently underway.

If your children walk, cycle or travel near the light rail environment, please share with them these safety tips:

  • Pedestrians and cyclists should always cross the tracks at designated intersection crossings. When crossing the tracks, it is safe to come into contact with the rail.
  • Rail tracks can be a fall hazard for cyclists. Avoid getting your cycle wheels caught in the rail groove by riding directly across the tracks at a right angle. Do not cross in front of a moving LRV and avoid braking whilst on rail tracks.
  • Always stay alert! LRVs are quiet and can approach unexpectedly from either direction. Distractions like texting and listening to music can put you at risk.
  • The overhead wire is LIVE and carries 750 volts of power. Keep away!
  • In the event of an emergency, always dial 000. Check out the Rail Ready safety video which provides tips for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. Rail Ready safety resources.