Parent Information


Class rolls are kept in accordance with Departmental Policy. A written explanation is required whenever a student has been absent or is late to school.

Should children be required to leave the school during the school hours (9.00am-3.00pm) a parent permission note is required. Parents/carers must sign a book at the front office when taking children out of the school.


Communication between school and home is highly valued. For a discussion with the principal, deputy principal or teachers, parents/carers are asked to make an appointment through the front office.


A whole school assembly is held on a Friday once a fortnight at 1:45pm and on other special occasions as advertised. These assemblies form an important part of communication and sharing between all members of the community. It features singing, drama, displays of work, awards and general announcements. Whole-school gatherings create a cohesive school community and maintain a heightened school spirit. Parents are warmly welcome to attend.

A special SPIEC Graduation Assembly is held at the end of each term for students transferring to mainstream classes. Check the weekly newsletter for changes.

Attendance Times and Playground Supervision

  • 8.55 am: Morning bell
  • 9.00 am: Classes commence
  • 10.45 -11.15 am: Recess
  • 12.45 pm - 1.30pm: Lunch
  • 3.00 pm: Classes conclude

All children wait on the Junior blacktop before school and move to their class lines at the 8.55am bell. Children are not to use the play equipment before school.

Teachers supervise lunch eating in their class prior to play. The playground is supervised by the teaching staff each recess and lunch.

During wet weather students meet in their classrooms before school and are supervised in the classrooms during breaks. K - 2 students will be dismissed from their classrooms during wet weather.


For the safety of all students, bikes and other wheeled devices, such as skateboards, in-line skates and scooters should not be ridden in the school grounds at any time. The school accepts no responsibility for the loss of bicycles or bicycle parts whilst they are left in the bike racks.


The school does not carry personal accident insurance for students. Parents are advised to take out their own personal accident insurance for their families.

Lost Property

Please clearly mark your child's name on all personal belongings, especially clothing. Baskets are located in the Bimberi and Franklin Buildings and can be checked for lost property.

Medical Issues and Accidents

It is important that sick children are kept at home for their own comfort as well as the wellbeing of other children and staff. If a child becomes ill or is injured at school, appropriate first aid will be given and if necessary parents will be notified and asked to take their child home.

If emergency treatment is required parents will be notified immediately and the child will be transferred by ambulance to hospital. In such cases ambulance services and treatment are free.

If medicine is to be taken at school it must be given to the First Aid officer with written instructions. All students who have an ongoing condition (eg asthma, diabetes, epilepsy) must have a treatment plan completed by parents and their doctor and lodged at the school. Treatment Plan proformas are available from the front office. If the health problem is serious, please provide an up-to-date photograph of the child so it can be placed on our Medical Alert board.

A Community Health Nurse visits the school annually to examine children in kindergarten. This is a general health check that includes vision, hearing and general development. The Department of Health also operates an immunisation program (usually Rubella, Hepatitis B) in school after obtaining parental permission. An immunisation form is required to be completed for all students enrolling in the ACT system.

Head lice are extremely contagious but easily eradicated. Children with either eggs or live lice will be excluded from school until written evidence of treatment is produced. Please report any cases of head lice to the school office.

Mobile phones, ipods, toys and valuable items

Children's toys, unless specifically asked for by a teacher, should be kept at home. It is difficult sometimes for children to care for these properly at school and the chance of breakage is high. The school accepts no responsibility for lost or damage of property brought to school.

Mobile phones and iPods are to be handed in to the front office during the hours of 9.00am and 3.00pm.

School Newsletter

Our fortnightly newsletter is the main means of providing information to our community. It contains information on school and community happenings at Hughes Primary School including regular class updates and the Principal's Report. The newsletter is emailed and put on our website fortnightly.

Stationery Supplies

The school has a pre-order or purchase on 'Sell Days' arrangement with an Australian supplier which enables a stationery package to be purchased for each year level.  Order forms are provided during Term 4. Parents are able to Pre-order using their credit card or purchase on the 'Sell Days' during the first two days of school. We encourage parents to purchase the 'book pack' as supplies are carefully selected by teachers for specific purposes.


The school is fenced for security and outside school hours the buildings are under the protection of a security system. However, any suspicious behaviour on school property should be reported to Police immediately.

Student Support Funds

The school has a student support fund that is used to financially assist students to take part in curriculum opportunities. Parents who require assistance from this fund should approach the principal or business manager for confidential assistance.

Term Dates


  • Term 1 - Monday 3 February to Friday 11 April
    Term break includes the Easter and Anzac Day public holidays Teachers commence Friday 31 January
  • Term 2 - Monday 28 April to Friday 4 July
  • Term 3 - Monday 21 July to Friday 26 September
  • Term 4 - Monday 13 October to Wednesday 17 December


  • Term 1 - Monday 2 February to Friday 10 April
    Term break only includes the Anzac Day public holiday Teachers commence Friday 30 January
  • Term 2 - Monday 27 April to Friday 3 July
  • Term 3 - Monday 20 July to Friday 25 September
  • Term 4 - Monday 12 October to Friday 18 December

Voluntary Contributions

For many years, students have benefited from the financial resources provided through voluntary financial contributions from parents, carers and other citizens. These contributions have assisted the school to conduct additional programs and activities and purchase educational materials.

The School Board has endorsed that contributions made by parents will directly support the educational programs provided by the school. This voluntary contribution may be made in full, in part or by instalments.
Section 27 of the Education Act 2004 however clearly states that

  • each contribution must be voluntary;
  • a child is not to be refused benefits or services because the child's parents do not make a contribution;
  • a child is not harassed for contributions; and
  • any record of contributions is confidential.

Hughes Primary School may offer some specific optional activities, items and services that parents may be required to pay for if they want their child to access them. These are included in Schedule One of the Department of Education and Training's Statement on Requesting Financial Contributions from Parents, which can be found at Policies A-Z from Education and Training Directorate website.


Please see the Parent and Community Involvement page.


Drinking water is essential for keeping the brain and body hydrated for learning.  Students are asked to bring a plastic water bottle to school daily. Students are reminded to have regular drinks of water during the day. Students may drink water inside the classroom.

Evacuation Drills

Evacuation drills are necessary for the safety of all those within the building and will be conducted at least twice a year to ensure everyone is familiar with the routine. Please obey all procedures if visiting the school during an evacuation.