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School Motto

Learning for Life

Mission Statement

To achieve student success by providing an inclusive, caring and supportive, culturally diverse and academically challenging learning environment.

Vision Statement

  • To develop student academic skills in accordance with the new Australian Curriculum and the A.C.T. Education and Training Directorate's curriculum document 'Every Chance To Learn'.
  • To differentiate the curriculum to meet the diverse needs of all students.
  • To promote respect for and celebrate our unique multicultural diversity and sense of belonging in our community.
  • To teach skills for lifelong learning, including socially appropriate attitudes, values and citizenship.
  • To build respect for the environment and an understanding of current environmental issues.
  • To provide quality teaching to deliver optimal outcomes for students.


The values that reflect our vision:

'Co-operation, Attitude, Respect and Excellence' – C.A.R.E. Values

  • Co-operation - collaborative teamwork and sharing roles and responsibilities underpins our inclusive learning environment.
  • Attitude - that is positive, enthusiastic and accepting, from staff, students, parents and the broader community, enables our learners to achieve their personal best.
  • Respect - for people, property and diversity is modelled, practised, monitored, and expected in all interactions.
  • Excellence - is the aim of all our endeavours.