School Programs

  • Enrichment Program
  • Competitions
  • Environment and Science
  • High School Liaison
  • Instrumental Music Program
  • Learning Assistance & English as a Second Language
  • Library
  • Music
  • Social and Emotion Education
  • Student Representative Council
  • Religious Education
  • Sports

Enrichment Program

The Enrichment Program provides a range of extension learning options for students across the school aimed at nurturing and developing strengths. The program is taught by a specialist teacher.

We believe that gifts and talents emerge at different times for different students and that teachers need to be able to recognise this and to develop classroom programs that assist the students to realise their full potential.

In the classroom teachers deliver a Differentiated Curriculum that develops higher order thinking, teamwork and independent learning. Students are presented with challenging activities which extend and develop them beyond the normal mastery stage. Provision for this to happen is built into units of work, and is part of every day classroom organisation (eg use of Blooms' Taxonomy, critical thinking, open-ended questioning).

Students will also be offered opportunities to be involved in system and external challenges as they become available.


Students are given the opportunity to participate in the Mathematics, English, Computer Studies and Science ICAS Competitions conducted by the University of NSW. Students' work is assessed in comparison with students across the State, and areas of strength and areas for further development are identified. Appropriate certificates are awarded.

Environment and Science Program

Hughes Primary School is proud of its reputation as an environmentally and socially responsible community.

The environment program links studies of society and environment and health learning areas. The program offers many different opportunities for the whole school community - students, parents, staff and friends of the school - to participate.

The school has a high quality environmental science classroom with an extensive garden and chicken enclosure. Students take part in lessons once a week to learn about ecology and a sustainable future. The school's Environment and Science Centre was constructed in 2006 with funding from the Federal Government's "Investing in Our Schools" Grant.

High School Liaison

Our local high school is Alfred Deakin High School. Year six students participate in a range of transitional activities, such as, an orientation visit during term two, workshops at either Hughes Primary School or ADHS, visits by high school students and teachers to talk about ADHS programs. Parent information nights are held for prospective Year 7 parents and meetings occur between Year 6 and Year 7 teachers.

Instrumental Music Program

The school has three bands - Year 5 and Year 6 woodwind bands and Year 3/4 fife and drum band.

What are the AIMS of IMPACT?

  • To enhance the education of children through their involvement in a quality music program.
  • To provide a strong motivation for children to continue to engage in music activities.
  • To develop cooperative learning, social interaction and performance skills.
  • To develop in children an awareness and appreciation of many musical styles and genres.
  • To develop instrumental and ensemble skills.
  • To encourage children to strive for excellence. 
  • Please visit the Instrumental Music Program website.

Learner Assistance (LA) / English as a Second Language (ESL)

Specialist teachers work in conjunction with classroom teachers to assist students to develop skills for effective learning across the curriculum. The support teacher may work within the classroom or on a withdrawal basis as appropriate and focus on students with English as a second language.

The Star Reading Program caters for ESL students to support them with daily reading practice. Students borrow books daily to read overnight. They receive certificates of encouragement  which are presented at school assemblies.


The role of the library is integral to the school program. The school maintains a comprehensive, up-to-date, attractive and stimulating collection of resources. The resource centre program:

  • promotes an enjoyment of books, literature and libraries
  • develops independent research skills through Information Literacy

This enables students to:

  • identify and locate information sources
  • extract and organise information
  • develop necessary skills in both school and public library usage.

The current library was opened in 2010 through funding from the Federal Government's Building Education Revolution project.


Teachers work with students to teach the joys of music and singing in the classroom. The school has three bands - Year 5 and Year 6 woodwind bands and Year 3/4 fife and drum band. A specialist singing teacher is employed once a week by the P&C Association to work with students on singing for pleasure. Indicidual lessons are also undertaken by students enrolled in a separate program to learn Viola, Violin and Piano. In 2014 the school has implemented a Community Chior on Thursday evenings at 5:30pm.

Social and Emotional Education

C.A.R.E. Values

The aim of our values program is to enable students to take responsibility for the choices they make in their lives.  The C.A.R.E. Values are Co-operation, Attitude, Respect and Excellence.

These values underpin all interaction that occurs at Hughes Primary School.

You Can Do It Program Achieve

This program develops the potential of all students (academically, intellectually, interpersonally and emotionally) through instilling in students the Foundations - Confidence, Persistence, Organisation, Getting Along and Resilience - that research indicates as determining the extent to which children can achieve and experience social and emotional well-being.

Central to the development of the Foundations is explicit instruction in the Habits of the Mind:

I Can Do It, Accepting Myself, Taking Risks, Being Independent, Giving Effort, Working Tough, Setting Goals, Planning my Time, Being Tolerant of others, Thinking First, Playing by the Rules and Social Responsibility.

Student Representative Council

The SRC gives students an avenue for participation in the decision making process and the functioning of the school. It comprises two representatives from each mainstream and Introductory English Class. The four elected Student School Leaders address issues raised by students at classroom level. Representatives report back to their class after each meeting.

Religious Education

The Christian Religious Education Program, EDEN, is offered to children by visiting lay people. The program operates once or twica a term. Parents are asked to inform the school in writing if they wish their child to attend.

Sports Program

In 2014 we have a specialist PE teacher who will be providing students with a dedicated PE/Health lesson once a week.

Each year students are offered many opportunities to develop sporting skills. Clinics are held at the school, which are run by representatives of various sporting associations.

Students take part in cross country, swimming and athletic carnivals, which can lead to district and territory representation. Students also represent the school in a variety of other sports.

The School Sports Houses are named after local mountains:

  • Mugga (Yellow)
  • Stromlo (Red)
  • Taylor (Green)
  • Forster (Blue)