Partnerships with community, families, teachers and students are highly valued. We encourage you to be involved in supporting us with your child's education.

Term Overviews 

Each term teachers provide term overviews to explain the program for the coming term. In term one the school holds a Parent Information Evening to present the overview for the term with reference to ongoing programs. Parents are welcome to discuss the term's planned work with the teachers.

Reporting to Parents

Hughes Primary places great emphasis on regular communication with parents on student progress.  We provide many formal reporting opportunities throughout the year and we encourage parents to maintain constant contact with their child's class teacher.  Please do not hesitate to contact class teachers or the school regarding specific information concerning your child's education at Hughes Primary.

  • Mid-year report and interview
  • End of year report
  • Mid-year and end of year A-E Years 1-6
  • Kindergarten PIPS reports (ACT wide testing)
  • Years 3 & 5 NAPLAN  (National assessment) - Literacy and Numeracy
  • Learning Journeys – End of Term 3
  • Concert - End of Term 4

A to E Reporting

If a child demonstrates the knowledge and skills taught for that year level then the child would receive a C grade. This is a fine grade to achieve and all children should be pleased with this achievement.

If your child achieves a grade higher than a C grade, it means that they are demonstrating knowledge and skills in advance of those in their year group.

If your child achieves a grade lower than a C, it means that they are not demonstrating the knowledge or skills that is expected of the children in the year group.

A to E grades are school specific and cannot be compared between schools because the knowledge and skills set for each year level is specific for the group of children at each school and this may vary from school to school.


Interviews with teachers, the special needs team or the principal can be arranged at any time throughout the year via written, e-mail and/or telephone requests or personal contact with teachers, the principal or the front office.