Learning Support Unit

Learning Support Unit – Autism Specific

Hughes Primary Learning Support Unit – Autism Specific caters for the individual needs of six students with autism. We have a teacher educated in teaching children with autism and learning support assistants experienced in working with children with autism.

Our programs develop the strengths of individual students and build upon their current level of achievement. A sensory diet, with regular sensory activities, is used to keep students calm and at an arousal level optimal for learning.

Visuals and TEACCH structured methods are used to assist the students to be organised and alerted to events in their lives. Authentic tasks, for instance, shopping and cooking, motivate students to learn. Social skills make up a large part of their learning.

Social stories, comic strip conversations, explicit teaching and other strategies are employed to help students navigate the social world.

One of the main aims of the LSUA is to include students into mainstream classes. Inclusion occurs throughout the week including sport, mathematics, art as well as excursions, swimming programs, assemblies and on an individually negotiated basis.