Using Technologies

Using Technology at Hughes Primary

Using Technology is an important part of learning at Hughes Primary. This page will contain links to relevant information for parents about ICTs and their use both in the classroom and their supervised use at home.

Bring Your Own Chromebook (BYOC):

Our school has a unique opportunity to provide students with technology-based learning, enabling whole school access to the Internet and cloud-based learning readily available on Chromebook devices. As part of ICT initiatives, we have invested in creating the position of a dedicated Information Technologies teacher to support the implementation of Chromebook-based learning within the early years learning programme across the school.

What does BYOC look like at Hughes?

Each year students in Years 5-6 will be encouraged to bring their own personal laptop device to school to use in the classroom. Students outside this year group are welcome to continue their learning undertaken via the Google learning platform at home on a personal device; however it is not the expectation that they will need to bring this device to school at this stage.

To facilitate this transition between school-owned devices to a BYOC model, we have tailored the delivery of eSafety lessons in both the Year 5-6 classroom and specialist technology lessons to assist students to fully understand the responsibilities needed to own and maintain their own device at school.

What does BYOC look like at Hughes?

To ensure that all devices purchased by families will connect to our school wireless network we would prefer that students use the same device across the school as much as is practicable.

For this reason, Hughes Primary have elected to promote our Bring Your Own Chromebook (BYOC) model to ensure that they are compatible with the learning and teaching programmes made available at our school.

Information is available from the Directorate's Learn, Anywhere: ICT for Students page that provided pertinent advice on the suitability of a device to connect to the school's WiFi network.

As part of our BYOC initiative, we will endeavour to support our parents and guardian's final choice in the type of device that they elect to purchase. We openly welcome all community members to speak with our ICT coordinator to determine which is the best option for their child's learning needs with technology.

Our current vision for the integration of technology learning (Hughes ICT Implementation Strategy) further explores our beliefs, in detail, around 21st century learning with technology to engage students and transform learning into a more personalised student-centred approach.

What does our use of G suite for Education look like at Hughes?

Access your classroom online

Google Classroom assists both teachers and students to keep their classwork organised.
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Collaborate on docs

Google Docs enables students to create and edit docs, spreadsheets and presentations right in the Chrome Browser. Students can work collaboratively with other students, or their classroom teacher, at the same time with every change saved automatically into their SchoolsNet account.

Share in the cloud

Google Drive allows students to save and access classwork from any device at home, or school, to involve their family within their learning journey.
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Please read this information letter, G Suite for Education Student Privacy, in conjunction with our school permission form. It is expected that students and parents/carers have reade these documents prior to signing our ICT Acceptable Use contract. Additional copies of these documents are available on request.

Ergonomics in the classroom

Teachers encourage students to adopt appropriate posture and use of the devices when working at desks. Students will regularly access programs that focus on developing their touch typing skills and the ergonomics associated with this. Taking regular movement breaks when using devices for extended time periods (upwards of approximately an hour of uninterrupted keyboard use) is also encouraged when using any type of technology.